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Your Passion Company & Blue Hour Productions

How did you form your passion company? Passions don't come easy. It usually takes forever to find your passion. Right? Passion is created though by your sweat and tears . Your drive to want something. Your drive to achieve something. You work endlessly everyday until you get what you want . And when you finally have it and you figure out what it is you cradle it and take care of it and help it grow. That is a passion. Thus Blue Hour Productions was created out of a passion.

Have you wondered why there is a wolf and the northern lights in the background of the company's logo Blue Hour Productions? Or how Blue Hour Productions even got its name. I bet you don't even care but I'm going to tell you anyway.

Well Blue Hour Productions is based on a passion project work in progress novel and short story entitled During the Blue Hour. The story is about a different kind of werewolf . Werewolves that were once wolves. And the blue Hour is the period of twilight between dusk and dawn. So in the story the wolves howl during the blue hour at the moment the northern lights descends.

The thought and process of the company and the story itself took years to realize . Almost 15 years to be exact. Having the name of your company with your favorite animal and book you love writing is the best thing a person can do. Because when you have the opportunity to create a company that involves all your first loves and ideas then you will put your whole life into it and would stop at nothing to make sure that it is successful.

What is your passion? And did you start your company based upon it. I want to know. Let's start a Dialogue.

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