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Video Editing can be a tedious task. But you want to know a secret? Editing does not have to be because of one simple task . ORGANIZATION.

Here at Blue Hour Productions, we like to stay organized

Organization is the key to a successful workflow when it comes to editing a client’s project. So, what we do first is a step that may take a while. But it all depends on help from the client. How well the client themselves organizes their project materials when handing it off to the video editor will determine the amount of time it takes for the video editor to even organize the project material in the long run.

When we first get the footage from the client before even starting to open an adobe premiere pro file we organize the footage into a client file, divide the footage and or project materials into folders. These folders are the life saving grace of a video editors workflow. It speeds up the project finish completion time and keeps the video editor on track to easily access different components of the project such as the music clips, voiceovers, and motion graphic templates.

Depending how much project material the video editor has acquired from the client organizing the project can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. That is just an estimate and solely depends on who is editing the project and if the project material has already been organized by the client. However, the way the client organizes the project material may not be the same way the video editor organizes for the workflow. And, each workflow, every time there is a new client is different. Because each project is and will be different.

But the important thing to remember that a client’s project material is like gold. Precious and dear. So, organization is the most important tool a video editor should know how to do first when starting a new clients project.

This is just one way a video editor organizes a client’s footage. If you want to know more visit BLUE HOUR PRODUCTIONS website at : www.bhmediaproductions.comand subscribe to our email list and if you think you are ready to delve into a project with Blue Hour Productions email us today at or fill out our contact section of our website.

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