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Whether it be for a photo editing project, or video editing project You do not want to sit for hours editing something from a software you do not know how to use. It can take a while to even learn the basics of an editing software. Editing by itself can be even a daunting task for even a professional video editor . It can take up to hours to edit a project based on how much footage a client has given to the video editor. Choosing the right video editor for your next project can also be a daunting task as well. Especially when you have other things to complete.

So, in order to choose your best option. You must do this:

  • Identify your specific needs. What type of project do you need done? Is it a personal project, business project or for a wedding?

  • Know your project well so you can let the editor know how you want the project. That saying of the customer is always right true.

  • The type of raw content that you provide your freelancer with might include Camera footage, Graphics, Sound effects, Special effects, Dialogue

  • Make sure your video editor knows how to complete different styles of editing

  • Look for a video editor who has knowledge of continuity and timing because that is most important also that they have a wide experience with various software programs such as Adobe Premiere pro .

Responsibilities of a Video Editor can include Manipulation and editing of film pieces to deliver the refined final video. Review of raw material/shooting script to create a list based on scene value and continuity. Trimming footage sections and putting together sequences. Integrating sound effects, music, graphics, and dialogues.

Here a Blue Hour Productions we can edit in different styles and work with whatever you need . We help you identify what you need for your project. Let us know if we can assist you with your next project . Email us today at or visit our website at for more information on our video editing services.

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