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 Blue Hour Productions is an  independent production and post-production company based out of the state of Georgia that only hires additional team members based on the needs per project and per client . If a clients project does not require extra hands there will not be any hires and only posted on the blog when needed.  

Blue Hour Productions is  owned and operated  by Yessania Cheyenne, an independent filmmaker & writer with 8 years of experience in video editing, 4 year experience in graphic animation , and design and 10 years  of experience in filmmaking and screenwriting  .  


We focus on creating  web series content,  music videos, feature films , short films, all and any video content that deal with the genres of mostly fantasy , horror, sci-fi, romance comedy ,docu-series, and reality tv.,.


We also create and film any content for any and all small and local business and any local event which include but not limited to birthday parties , graduations and sport events . We can create commercials, Tutorials, animated gifs , logos designs, websites built with adobe suite weaver and other video editing and film  services.    Ask about anything  that may not be listed.  SEE ARE SERVICE PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS.


We  are getting ready to publish a book  next year.

and already have a current writing podcast called Discovering the Blue Hour based on a work in progress novel by the same name that is a fantasy novel about werewolves  .

If you would like  to know more about the podcast and the work in progress novel  head on over to the  Discovering the Blue Hour Podcast information page

Even though we are busy with projects of our own . We can help you pre-produce , produce, cast,  and edit your next independent project  for  your film  or Business . 

We pride ourselves on the professional, thorough, and, most importantly, creative services we offer.

We welcome work from all sectors and will work around the clock to produce cutting-edge video content that is engaging, ORIGINAL( emphasis on original)  and dynamic.  Get in touch today so we can start collaborating and  click down below to learn about  discount project rates each time you refer a friend.